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Minéralisante – Leave-in Conditioner
Minéralisante – Leave-in Conditioner

Minéralisante – Leave-in Conditioner

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Minéralisante – Leave-in Conditioner Treatment

Minerlisante’s formula feeds the hair with nourishing and hydrating elements. Over time, minerals from perspiration, hair products and pollution deposit on the scalp and can strangle the roots making hair thin and dull. This creates stress that contracts the blood vessels, affecting the body’s circulatory system that hydrates the hair.

Demineralization rids the hair and scalp of these elements keeping hair healthy, nourished and breathing.

  • Restores hair's Hydro-Saline balance.
  • Unblocks nutrient absorption bringing life back to the hair.
  • De-stresses and rejuvenates hair and scalp unblocking its ability to stay healthy, nourished, and breathing.

* Meets all European and International Standards for environmental and animal safety.

Shann Christen I BIOMETHOD

BioMethod is hair care evolved. Rooted in Trichology - the science of hair and scalp biology - and recognizing that only by understanding and working in concert with our bodies can we grow and maintain truly healthy, beautiful hair, the BioMethod line offers what no other hair care line can: meticulously developed, biologically-backed, all-natural products that nourish hair and revitalize the scalp to enable successful hair growth.

Your hair is alive throughout its base, where it is a part of the living body. To thrive and maintain its health, hair requires proper nutrition, and the scalp needs proper maintenance.

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