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BioMethod+ Bundle

BioMethod+ Bundle

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BioMethod+ Bundle

This combination of products maximizes the BioMethod System for ultimate healthy and nourished hair.

Énergisant Pro – Cleanser for the Scalp

This energizing and rejuvenating cleansing treatment uses its anti-aging formula to treat conditions of the scalp relating to oil production and thinning hair.

Fortifiant+ – Cleanser for the Hair

Delicate anti-aging shampoo for fragile, thin and sensitive hair. Its organic active principles restructure and give softness, volume and tone to the hair. This advanced formula fights against dehydration, increases the keratin production and helps fight against the aging process.

Minéralisante – Leave-in Conditioner

Minerlisante’s formula feeds the hair with nourishing and hydrating elements. Over time, minerals from perspiration, hair products and pollution deposit on the scalp and can strangle the roots making hair thin and dull. This creates stress that contracts the blood vessels, affecting the body’s circulatory system that hydrates the hair. Demineralization rids the hair and scalp of these elements keeping hair healthy, nourished and breathing.



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