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Traditional hair care products focus on creating “the look and feel of healthy hair” through synthetic, artificial methods. This old-fashioned, superficial approach is a result of the fact that traditional hair care is built on the view that hair is, and always has been, dead.

BioMethod’s revolutionary approach, on the other hand, begins with the understanding that each and every strand of hair is alive and part of the living body. Our hair is just as alive as our skin, the 25 to 30 outermost layers of which do not receive direct blood flow but that nevertheless exist as the skin we know and exist in every day.

Just like any other part of the living body, hair needs nutrients, minerals, and hydration to flourish. As we age and our vital organs require more attention, our body naturally puts the nutrition of our hair last, causing hair to suffer due to the loss of proper hair nutrition. This is a perfectly natural occurrence, however, the appearance of the hair suffers. This is precisely why BioMethod puts the nutrition of the hair first.

Why settle for “the look and feel of healthy hair” when you can have genuinely healthy hair without the use of chemicals? BioMethod looks to shift the way we think about hair by offering the first hair care line developed with an emphasis on the nutrition of hair above everything else. Grounded in the simple science of hair and scalp biology, BioMethod supplies the hair with nutrients it needs to live a healthy existence. A combination of rigorous scientific research and the use of singularly beneficial and natural “living” ingredients has given birth to a product that not only improves the health of hair, but can also restore hair that was lost.



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