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Natural Hair Oils and Our Scalp – By Shann Christen | BioMethod

The Natural Oils are NOT Good for You!

Hair problems begin in the sebaceous glands within the scalp. These glands secrete sebum (commonly known as “Natural Hair Oils”) that coat hair and the scalp. These natural oils are mistakenly thought to have hydrating and moisturizing properties, however, we now know this is not true. Current research indicates that the Hydrolipidic Film (sebum) is the hair and scalp’s first layer of defense against harmful bacteria. The purpose of sebum is to trap dirt, debris, toxins, free radicals, and bacteria before any of it reaches the scalp and deteriorates hair and stunts growth. Even though the Hydrolipidic Film (sebum) is vital to hair and scalp health, it is important to regularly cleanse this from the hair and scalp to remove the trapped debris, thus maintaining optimal hair growth.

Traditional shampoos aggressively remove sebum build-up in hair. This strips hair of essential minerals and trace-elements, damages the protective layer, dries out the hair, and ultimately contributes to hair loss. This phenomenon resulted in the widely held belief that the less you wash your hair, the healthier it is. New research suggests that it is vital to wash the hair of sebum daily, but most importantly, using products that remove sebum without stripping hair of its necessary nutrients.

BioMethod’s revolutionary approach and natural ingredients removes the sebum safely and effectively without stripping away the hair’s essential minerals and nutrients.

BioMethod’s ingredients provide a temporary natural replacement to protect and preserve the hair – allowing the body to rejuvenate this barrier naturally through sebaceous secretions.

The active ingredients in BioMethod’s cleansing treatments include fatty-acid extracts from the coconut, natural complex sugars, vegetable lipoproteins, and soy proteins (see longer list of ingredients below), which create an effective, safe and gentle cleanse with a soft, beautiful lather. BioMethod’s cleansing treatments also have a selective and physiological cleansing action that nourishes the hair and scalp with vital oligo elements (trace elements). Once the body’ natural protective layer has taken over, the BioMethod barrier is naturally absorbed into the hair providing further moisture and nutrients.

BioMethod is dedicated to high standards of manufacturing and is cruelty free, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and only uses the finest of pure ingredients. The BioMethod product line is manufactured in Italy where standards for quality, research and excellence are world class.



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